Does my child need a math tutor?

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Difficulty with math is a widespread problem, particularly with the strong emphasis on testing for students in all grades. High stakes tests can create anxiety, especially for math students, and many students need outside help in order to gain confidence and adequately absorb the material. Our tutors help students with test-taking, self-confidence, and developing study skills. A good tutor brings math alive and makes the experience as much fun as possible!

Math tutors devise an individualized instruction program for each student. Everyone has different needs and no two students have the same learning style, but a large classroom setting can’t always accommodate each student individually. Some otherwise strong students may need a tutor to get them over a difficult hump or to help them with a specific area, whereas other students can require on-going assistance with their math studies.

Here are 6 signs your child may need a math tutor:

  • Poor grades or steady decline in math grades
  • Difficulty managing time effectively
  • Procrastinating math homework
  • Lack of confidence in their work
  • Constant stress or negative attitude about math
  • Signs of a learning disability

It’s very important to choose the right math tutor, a supportive tutor who can adjust his or her teaching style to the student. While most academies and tutoring companies would require a long-term commitment, we at Tutor Fix believe that the tutor needs to be matched to the individual. So don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a trial session in order to decide whether tutoring will be the right fit for you.

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