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Trusted, Affordable, Convenient Tutoring

Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.

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Invest in Your Child’s Future

We at Tutor Fix can help overcome your child’s limiting beliefs and build unstoppable confidence.

One Hundred Percent Success Rate

Failed math test? No worries. With a boost in resilience, confidence, empowerment, and knowledge, we have seen improved academic performance in 100% of our students!

Develop Strong Study Skills

Our ultimate goal is to not only improve your child’s academic grades in the short-term, but to also teach them how to develop an effective independent study routine.

“My son had a mark of 50% in grade 9. We hired Rey to tutor him for all of grade 10 and continue to have her as his tutor. This year in math he achieved an 84% and a 96% on his exam. This to me speaks volumes! Rey is encouraging and dedicated to her student. She shows pride in her work and her students achievements. We love her.”

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